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Harrowing Photos of the Mentally Ill in Sub-Saharan Africa


NEWS | Woman Kills 9-Year-Old Son To Hurt Husband, Writes Cruel Letter Before Murder

Why would you kill your own child as ‘revenge’ to your ex-husband?! What kind of sick revenge is that?!


Lisa Marie Lesyshen killed her 9-year-old son Asher in Colorado to hurt her husband as they were on the verge of divorcing.

According to NY Daily News, Lisa and husband Kirlan was separated but living in the same house when the murder occurred. Kirlan heard gunshots upstairs and saw his son shot multiple times in the back. Then heard another as Lisa tried to take her own life.

Police found a letter on the nightstand where Lisa slept:

“Remember you are responsible for what has happened here and you are the person that caused it.” The letter was addressed to Michael Kirlan, Lesyshen’s husband, and signed “Lisa & Asher” – NY Daily News

She will be charged with murder.


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Make a difference for Lucas


Last fall, I read with dismay the news of 4-year-old Lucas Webb’s death, purportedly at the hands of his parents. And now I read with equal horror that workers with the Missouri Children’s Division had failed to remove the boy from his father and stepmother, even after repeated calls to the Child Abuse Hotline by daycare workers.

The knee-jerk reaction likely will be to blame the child service workers and the Department of Social Services. To be sure, mistakes were made, and the state already has fired two workers involved in the case. Surely there will be calls to crucify others.

But that will be the incorrect response to such a tragedy. If you’re outraged and want to make a difference to ensure that young Lucas didn’t die in vain, you should turn your ire toward the Missouri General Assembly. Ask your legislators how they justify spending much of…

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Unthinkable horror in Afghanistan: 8-year-old “bride” of mullah bleeds to death on her “wedding night”

This is beyond tragic. I don’t know what to think of this.

ACT for America Houston


By Robert Spencer

The story below is graphic. But it has to be told, as it graphically illustrates the human cost of Islamic child marriage and the treatment of women and girls as commodities.

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

Muslims take this seriously and imitate Muhammad in this. Article 1041 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that girls can be engaged before the age of nine, and married at nine: “Marriage before puberty (nine full lunar years for girls) is prohibited. Marriage contracted before reaching puberty with the permission of the guardian is valid provided that the interests of the…

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Children being molested by relatives

Educate your children right from wrong. Take care of your children and know the potential dangers of their surroundings that could be there.


Has there been any adult who touched you, your friend, or siblings inappropriately at a younger age? These days, sexual molestation occur from father to daughter or son, brother to sister, teacher to students, and babysitters to children. Isn’t it daunting that people who are expected to be custodians of our children are the culprits taking advantage of them? Should it be so difficult to leave your child with your siblings or close acquaintances?

Children are vulnerable and susceptible to abuse. It is disheartening to find that a lot of children predators are people close to the families. In a perfect world, you can have family members, friends, and teachers watch your kids while you’re away without problems. Unfortunately, in this perverse world, only a few can be trusted. Child molestation has become a predominant form of abuse which some parents remain ignorant towards. A recent National Child Abuse Statistics…

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Evil walks the earth

unfair abuse of a young girl

Every time my daughter speaks of her dad I feel a thousand pieces of glass go through my heart.  Not only for the pain, fear and torture she suffered and still carries with her, but also for the pain and torture her cousins still suffer.


How could I have forced her to be kind to such evil?  It is unreal that I could not know this was happening within the Upton family.  It is unbelievable the sickness they carry on through their lives without consideration of the children they are hurting.  I am saddened that my words will not get through to Detective Cornejo or his supervisor with the Gilbert police dept.  Is it not the worst crime ever to abuse, torture and hurt children?  I pray every day that that this abuse has ceased and will cease with their future generations.  Who will protect these children?  How is it that no one else can speak up against…

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May is Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Month


May is Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Month. In just 3 seconds, you can cause brain damage, paralysis, blindness, learning and behavior difficulties, and/or even death simply by just shaking your baby. Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is often fatal and can cause severe brain damage, thus resulting in life long injuries, or possibly even death. Shaken baby injuries usually occur in children younger than 2 years old but may also be seen in children up to the age of 5. What happens is when an infant or toddler is shaken, the brain bounces back and forth against the skull. This can cause bruising of the brain also known as cerebral contusion, swelling, pressure, and bleeding in the brain. The large veins along the outside of the brain may tear, then leading to further bleeding, swelling, and increased pressure. This can easily cause permanent brain damage or death. In many cases, the parent or care giver may become frusturated with the child for whatever reason, picking up the infant, and shaking them aggravatedly or even throwing the child roughly to ‘punish’ the infant or making them be quiet. Such shaking usually takes place when the infant is crying inconsolably and the frustrated caregiver ends up losing control. Many times the caregiver did not intend to harm the baby. Still, it is still a very serious form of child abuse.
Signs and Symptoms of SBS:
•Convulsions (seizures)
•Decreased alertness
•Extreme irritability or other changes in behavior
•Lethargy, sleepiness, not smiling
•Loss of consciousness
•Loss of vision
•No breathing
•Pale or bluish skin
•Poor feeding, lack of appetite
•Large Pupils


Please know the effects on this serious condition, and remember to never shake a baby or child in play or in anger. Even gentle shaking can become violent shaking when you are angry.